FACEOFF Norway // Contest guidelines

Disciplines And Rulebook Individual Tumbling xXx Tumbling xXx will take place on a 20m+5m pro track, and consist of 3 rounds. Each athlete will perform 3 times, and only the best two tricks will count. These two tricks must each contain different combinations. The Lottery The Lottery is a trampet discipline where both difficulty and […]

FACEOFF Main Event // Athletes

Faceoff athlete

FACEOFF Main Event // Athlets Meet the Athletes We will announce the Athletes for both the Individual competitions as well as the Crews here, when the qualifying events are over! Stay tuned – It’s gonna be EPIC! INDIVIDUALS – Men INDIVIDUALS – Women TEAM FYN TEAM SJÆLLAND TEAM xXx You might also like…

FACEOFF Main Event

FACEOFF Main Event 2023 Individual start: 13:00Crew start: 16:00 We are excited to announce FACEOFF X MAIN EVENT – and here’s why it’s called MAIN EVENT. This year is something completely different from previous years. The best teams and individual athletes from FACEOFF X DENMARK, FACEOFF X NORWAY and FACEOFF X SWEDEN will compete at […]

FACEOFF Denmark // Athletes

Faceoff athlete

FACEOFF Denmark Meet the Athletes INDIVIDUALS – Men INDIVIDUALS – Women TEAM FYN Coaches Athletes TEAM SJÆLLAND Coaches Athletes TEAM GB Coaches Athletes You might also like…

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