2024 Gymnastics Event

FACEOFF Main Event 2024

December 7, 2024

FACEOFF Main Event 2024

Jyske Bank Boxen
Kaj Zartows Vej 7, 7400 Herning
December 7, 2024

Embarking on an awe-inspiring journey, FACEOFF has traversed from its modest beginnings at SG Huset in 2014, to the colossal stage of Jyske Bank Boxen.

This evolution marks a transformative saga, a narrative of gymnastics ascending to unparalleled heights in Denmark. As we open the doors to the biggest gymnastics event in Danish history, we’re not just hosting a competition; we’re orchestrating a symphony of athleticism, entertainment, and sheer spectacle.

In our early days at SG Huset, we yearned for a space where gymnastics could be celebrated without the constraints of strict rules and tight suits. FACEOFF was born out of a desire to rebrand gymnastics, freeing it from preconceived notions that it was solely a girls’ sport.

The vision was clear – a competition where simplicity in judging prevailed, where everyone, from seasoned gymnasts to newcomers, could understand the format effortlessly.

Inspired by the rebellious spirit of subcultures like skateboarding and breakdancing, we set out to infuse gymnastics with a new vibe. Elements of personal style, difficulty, landing, creativity, ingenuity, showmanship, and audience appeal became the components of our scoring system. Judges were handpicked to bring a fresh perspective, granting them more freedom in their scoring.

And now, here we are, at the grandeur of Jyske Bank Boxen. This monumental arena serves as the backdrop for what promises to be the zenith of gymnastics in Denmark. The journey was not just about reaching the biggest stage; it was about pushing the boundaries, breaking stereotypes, and creating a global platform for gymnastics.

We extend our invitation to you, our audience, to witness history in the making. We’ve drawn the world’s best athletes to compete on a stage that fits their extraordinary talents. The pyrotechnics budget has been maximized to paint the sky with explosions of color, and the bass will reverberate through the arena, setting the stage for an immersive experience like you have never seen before.

As the spotlight shines on Jyske Bank Boxen, we not only celebrate the evolution of FACEOFF but also the growth of gymnastics in Denmark and beyond. It’s more than a competition; it’s a celebration of the human spirit defying gravity, embracing creativity, and pushing the boundaries of traditional gymnastics.

So, brace yourselves for the gymnastics extravaganza of a lifetime! Join us in soaking up the energy, reveling in the athleticism, and most importantly, having an unforgettable time.

The journey from SG Huset to Jyske Bank Boxen is not just ours; it’s yours, it’s theirs, and together, we make history. Let the show begin!


  • Dec 07 - 12:00

    Faceoff Main Event 2024

    Jyske Bank Boxen

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At FACEOFF X DENMARK you will experience three CREWs and 6 INDIVIDUAL athletes – BOTH MEN AND WOMEN – competing for a spot at FACEOFF X MAIN EVENT. 
The winner of each competition is guarantied a spot at FACEOFF Main Event. 

👉 CREW is three to four teams consisting of 8 athletes battling agaist each other. The disciplines demands a diverse team of tumblers, tricksters and trampoline experts. 

👉 INDIVIDUALS is six to eight athletes – BOTH MEN AND WOMEN competing against each other in disciplines demanding a variety of skills ranges from tumbling, trampoline and ingenuity

We cant give you a specifik endtime. But our forecast is, that the Individual competition will take 90 minuts and the Crew competition will tale 120 minuts.

12.00: Doors open
13.00: FACEOFF x Individuals
14.30: Breake // Chill out
16.00: FACEOFF x Crew
18.00: Expected end time

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No – you do not! Just sit back, and enjoy what might be some of the craziest s*!t you have ever seen!

We mean it! You do not need to brush up on the rules for this one. We’ll make sure that you’ll be able to keep up even if you can’t distinguish a cartwheel from a triple layout! 

Stay tuned – we will upload the rulebook as soon as it is confirmed. 

We welcome all athletes, who want to submit their talent and join FACEOFF.

See how you can be a part of the Individual competition here:


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