2022 Men's & Womens Events

Sola // Norway

December 17, 2022


Fjogstad-Hus TurnArena
Åsenvegen 68, 4055 Sola
December 17, 2022

FACEOFF X NORWAY 2022 is returning even bigger and better than before. 

Who will be the Kings in the North? An epic battle between Birkebeinerne, the Young Yeets, and Team Grandis will determine who gets the bragging rights when FACEOFF enters the venue on the 17th of December.

Individuals and Crew on the same day!

Yep! We are switching it up a bit, so you’ll now be able to have twice the fun in one day. 

Individual competition for both men and women!

Heads up, boys and girls! We know that you know that FACEOFF individuals previously has been a boys club only. NOT THIS YEAR – we are telling you. There is so much talent – why waste it?

So – this year we have decided to hunt down the absolute best of the best MAN AND WOMAN.

We look forward to seeing you and guarantee unbridled awesomeness!



  • Dec 17 - 13:00

    Faceoff x Norway // Partout

    Fjogstad-Hus TurnArena

  • Dec 17 - 13:00

    Faceoff x Norway // Individual

    Fjogstad-Hus TurnArena

  • Dec 17 - 19:00

    Faceoff x Norway // crew

    Fjogstad-Hus TurnArena

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