2022 Men's & Womens Events

Västerås // Sweden

December 3, 2022


Västerås Arena
Vasagatan 73, Rocklunda
December 3, 2022

We are excited to announce FACEOFF X SWEDEN 2022 for the first time on Swedish soil!

‘But what does that even mean? – you might ask?! It means that you and your entire crew can witness the greatest thing that ever happened to gymnastics. 

We promise you a lot of new, incredible visuals, unique features, and never-seen-before disciplines that’ll blow your mind.

Individuals and Crew on the same day!

Yep! We are switching it up a bit, so you’ll now be able to have twice the fun in one day. 

Individual competition for both men and women!

Heads up, boys and girls! We know that you know that FACEOFF individuals previously has been a boys club only. NOT THIS YEAR – we are telling you. There is so much talent – why waste it?



  • Dec 03 - 13:00

    Faceoff x Sweden // Partout

    Västerås Arena

  • Dec 03 - 13:00

    Faceoff x Sweden // Individual

    Västerås Arena

  • Dec 03 - 19:00

    Faceoff x Sweden // crew

    Västerås Arena

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