Faceoff LIVE

FACEOFF is best live. Live in the arena, where you can feel the fire.
But we know, some of you cant make it to a liveevent. 
That’s why we stream a lot of our events, so you can watch the epicness together with your friends.


If you think closely. If you really dig deep down, you know that something is missing. And that something is FACEOFF X LIFTOFF series. 

It’s that one gymnastics event/competition/road trip you can’t live without. 

Don’t believe us? Fair enough – here is a recap of some craziness content it contains. And for the record. It’s definitely a PG-13 rated series. 

Airplanes, beers, dead animals, gasoline,  bison ox, triple rotations, the police, guns, hot babes, hearing, ladies and not to forget, topless gentlemen. 

It may sound like a project gone wrong. But we beg to differ.

Two teams competing over the course of three days having to solve as many challenges from THE BOOK(a book containing 100 challenges in a variety of difficulty) trying to scrape as many points together as possible. 

If that’s not a show – we don’t know what is. 

Bon appétit 


After movies are made after each event. But you properly already knew that? 

It’s us trying to recap all of the amazing things that have happened in a couple of minutes of video. 

We know – it’s not an easy task. It is definitely not a task we take lightly. And we do it each year with a level of pride you can’t even begin to imagine. 

And that is because the level of pure awesomeness the athletes deliver each year is out of this world!     

Don’t believe us? Take a look, and you might be convinced. If not – please write us an e-mail at support@faceoff.dk, and we will personally have a chat about it. 



Project JUMPoff was the project that started it all. It was that one project that got us thinking. 

A group of boys, a truck loaded with the necessary equipment, a couple of cameras, and one weekend in beautiful Sweden. 

The goal was to create a new narrative surrounding gymnastics and the athletes spending a lot of time doing it. 

in general, people’s perception of gymnastics was not even close to our own. People thought it was bland, not cool and boring. But the reality of it all couldn’t be further away from the truth. 

We were more inspired by the skateboarding community, street basket, tricking, parkour, and breakdance than people might be thinking. 

So we loaded the truck with the intention of letting the world know that gymnastics consists of way more than bland rhythm-sequences and the occasional mid-air-rotation.

Since then we have been making the same effort, maybe even more so, in different countries. 

And it’s all well documented right here – take a look. 

FACEOFF On Tour is, simply put, a continuation of Project JUMPoff. 

As our competition grew larger in scale, we quickly realised that it was a hassle to keep track of two brand names. Hence the name change. 

In 2019 we therefore decided to bury the name ‘Project JUMPoff’ only for it to re-emerge as FACEOFF On Tour 


We reinvent the rules
Not bound by tradition

school fight

9 Schools, 9 teams and a great amount of creativity and community spirit is unleashed when we join forces with our partner schools at FACEOFF School Fight at Ollerup gymnastikhøjskole.

In FACEOFF we wish to collaborate and develop the gymnastic community together with local and national partners who also dare to care for this loving sport that has formed us for so long and still is. Every year we join forces in a friendly, creative and explorational competition where we are both cheering for each other’s failures and success.

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