Bøvling Idræts­­­efterskole: Revolu­tionizing Gymnastics Through FACEOFF Schoolfight

Bøvling Idrætsefterskole has established itself as a key player in the development of gymnastics through its active participation in the innovative FACEOFF elective.

This year they have made a great video from the elective

Since the beginnning of FACEOFF, Bøvling has been a dedicated partner, consistently supporting and contributing to the evolution of new concepts such as FACEOFF Lockdown, Schoolfight, FACEOFF Camps and Project JUMPOFF.

In this artikel, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Principal Martin Højbjerg for his dedication to evolving Gymnastics at Bøvling, and to Bjarke Kastrup Shimizu for his exquisite editing skills and the introduction of FACEOFF to all the students.

Bøvling Bøvling Idrætsefterskole has always been at the forefront of promoting gymnastics among its students. Through their longstanding involvement in the FACEOFF elective, Bøvling has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the sport. By providing a platform that encourages creativity, teamwork, and skill development, the school has created an environment that enables gymnasts to push their boundaries and reach new heights.

Bøvling’s unwavering commitment to supporting and developing new concepts within gymnastics is truly commendable. Whether it’s the FACEOFF Lockdown, Schoolfight, FACEOFF Camps or Project JUMPOFF, Bøvling has consistently embraced these initiatives, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and excitement. The school’s willingness to explore and experiment with new ideas demonstrates their dedication to staying at the forefront of gymnastics development.

In recognizing Bøvling’s contributions to gymnastics, we cannot overlook the instrumental role played by Headmaster Martin Højbjerg and teacher Bjarke Kastrup Shimizu. Their dedication, passion, and expertise have been vital in shaping and refining the FACEOFF elective at Bøvling. With their guidance and support, Bøvling has succeeded in encouraging a love for gymnastics within all the students, creating a strong foundation for their continued growth in the sport.

Bøvlings involvement in the FACEOFF elective has undeniably propelled the development of gymnastics. Their unwavering support, willingness to embrace new concepts, and the contributions of Headmaster Martin Højbjerg and Bjarke Kastrup Shimizu have been invaluable in creating a thriving gymnastics community. We extend our sincere gratitude to Bøvling for their dedication to the sport and invite everyone to witness the incredible gymnastics journey by watching the film from Bøvlings FACEOFF elective in the start of the post.


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