FACEOFF: Making Headlines in Denmark

In a remarkable turn of events, FACEOFF recently found itself in the national spotlight in Denmark. This exciting journey was filled with captivating stories, featuring key figures who have played pivotal roles in the growth and recognition of FACEOFF. Especially the investment from Nikolaj Nyholm in “Løvens Hule” gained the attention of the Danish established newsagencies. 

Rasmus Beck’s Spectacular Triumph on DR

National news broadcaster DR featured an incredible story of 25-year-old Rasmus Beck, a standout talent in the world of gymnastics. Rasmus, a four-time FACEOFF champion, gained international recognition for his breathtaking and daring performances. DR’s coverage focused on Rasmus’s quest for glory, challenging the reigning world champion and showcasing the heart-pounding excitement that FACEOFF brings to the world of gymnastics.

Jesper Bertelsen’s Journey in Fyens Amts Avis

Fyens Amts Avis took a closer look at Jesper Bertelsen, one of the brilliant minds behind FACEOFF. Jesper’s journey from Svendborg to the national stage was nothing short of extraordinary. The article highlighted his remarkable accomplishments and his role in transforming FACEOFF from a daring idea into a thrilling reality. His participation in the popular TV show “Løvens Hule” (Shark Tank) made waves, showcasing FACEOFF’s potential to revolutionize gymnastics on a global scale, and brought Nikolaj Nyholm as an investor. 

René Duus: The Face of Innovation in Jyllands-Posten

Jyllands-Posten featured an insightful article delving into the life of René Duus, an innovator in the world of gymnastics. René’s contributions to FACEOFF have been instrumental in shaping its unique format and vision. The piece explored René’s passion for the sport and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of gymnastics. His involvement in FACEOFF’s success story was a testament to the transformative power of innovation and vision.

These articles in prominent Danish publications underscore the growing impact of FACEOFF in Denmark and beyond. The world of gymnastics is witnessing a revolution, and FACEOFF continues to be at the forefront, challenging conventions and creating unforgettable moments.

FACEOFF 2024 is going to be epic!

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