FACEOFF one-on-one

FACEOFF One on One – A new online competition

What just happen?! New online FACEOFF competition – ONE/ON\ONE damn it was nice. Did you vote? And, what a progression for womens gymnastics we saw!?

The idea for this online competition first came from trying to find a solution to one question: What would be the coolest way to introduce more women into the world of FACEOFF?

The main worry was whether the participants would enjoy participating or even have time to participate in a competition during the spring. So we did our best to create something that wasn’t too demanding of the participants, but would still be more fun for the fans than just watching another ‘cool gymnastics’ video. So we made it possible for viewers to engage with the competition on a high level and they can even serve as judges.

The biggest ‘WHY?’ is still all about fighting the old fashioned gymnastics culture and bringing out the best in all gymnasts across genders. We want more women to have fun and to be creative in the gym. We want to see more fails and smiles and not just athletes striving for perfection and being disappointed when that doesn’t happen on the first, or even the second, try. We think that the women would benefit from this change, but why not the males as well? There’s a lot of things the females can teach the males, for example, about artistry and grace.

  • Written by Helmiina Laitinen

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