Sweden. We love you. Nothing more, nothing less. 

It was a blast visiting Västerås.

It was a weekend made up by love, dedication and firsts:

We held the first ever FACEOFF competition in Sweden,

We found the first ever winner of a FACEOFF Individuals Women edition –  Ásta Kristinsdóttir – An englishman won a FACEOFF Trophy for the first time – Connor Wharram.

We held both the Individual and the Crew competition on one day. 

Team Dynamite won, for the first time in FACEOFF History.

We are still absolutely blown away by the pure love and awesomeness you guys have shown us, and we can’t wait to return to Sweden next year.

On Saturday its time for FACEOFF Denmark, and 7 days after  – FACEOFF Norway.

What a great way to spend the christmas time.

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