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At FACEOFF, we’ve received countless inquiries over the years about FACEOFF Merch. “When will there be new designs?” “Can’t you make more products?” Our answer has been that our focus has been on developing the competition, so we haven’t been able to meet our followers’ wishes. But now the wait is over.

In 2024, we’re making a big push into clothing with FACEOFF Wear. With a burning ambition to create the best possible conditions for elite-level gymnasts, we’re embarking on this adventure.

But what does elite gymnastics have to do with clothing? Since the first competition in 2014, our goal has been to create unique experiences for both the audience and participating athletes. As part of this effort, we’ve prioritized support for athletes in the form of clothing, food, lodging, travel assistance, and cash prizes. We want to treat our gymnasts like the superstars they are.

We’re well on our way, but still have a long way to go. As the number of competitions increases in the coming years, so will the expenses. Therefore, we’ve set out to meet the growing demand for FACEOFF clothing while potentially creating a stronger economic foundation for supporting athletes and teams.

The profits from all clothing sales will go directly to support athletes and teams.

Throughout 2024, four types of product categories will be launched:

  • Jerseys: To support a growing fan culture, team jerseys will be produced for events so the audience can wear the same jersey as the athletes in the competition.
  • Limited edition: Every month, unique designs will be launched in limited quantities. These products will be unisex streetwear.
  • Basics: There will always be basic items for sale in the webshop. These items will feature the classic FACEOFF logo.
  • Accessories: Accessories in unique FACEOFF designs will be continuously produced. These products will include items such as caps, water bottles, socks, and stickers.

With great creativity, we’ve partnered with gymnasts, designers, and manufacturers with the goal of creating cool streetwear with a cool purpose.

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