FACEOFF x LØVENS HULE / Sharks Tank / Dragons’ Den

Once upon a time, in a world before fire and quads, we (a group of friends) travelled on an adventure like no other.
In 2014, FACEOFF was born.

With a “we can do it ourselves” spirit, we journeyed through uncharted territories. We have faced countless trials, navigating the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship and made A LOT of mistakes – But hey, we tried, and hard work beats talent! 

What started as a hobby turned out to be a disruption in the world of gymnastics. 

Through the highs and lows, FACEOFF emerged as a symbol of resilience. We have sold out arenas, hosted international events, and welcomed athletes from around the world. 

It has all been done without external investments. It has been a challenging and very fun ride, and we have always joked about the day that someone would invest 1 million dollars in FACEOFF, so we really could make a severe dent in the universe of gymnastics. 

And then, Jesper Bertelsen, one of the visionaries behind FACEOFF, declared, “I’m signing us up for ‘LØVENS HULE,’ and I promise it’ll be an exciting journey for us – What can possibly go wrong?” It was a bold move, one that would set the stage for our next grand adventure.

With Jesper’s stubborn determination, we ventured onto the Danish television screens. Jesper faced the dragons and emerged with a lion in hand, a symbol of trust in our vision. Now, the entire company, the group of friends, looked to this newfound ally, Nikolaj Nyholm, as our partner in crime.

Nikolaj Nyholm

48 years, Founder & Chairman of Astralis

He is known for the esports phenomenon Astralis, one of the world’s most successful and recognized professional esports brands, and the tournament Blast, a global esports tournament.

He has also been involved with Mojang – you know, the Minecraft inventors, and he was the CEO and partner at Polar Rose, a facial recognition and photo search software company, which was sold to Apple – Yes THE Apple. Macintosh Apple.
The iPhone guys…

But the journey is far from over. The greatest quest awaits us — a quest to conquer Jyske Bank BOXEN in 2024. 

It is a gamble that requires selling countless tickets – 10.000 to be precise. 

In FACEOFF, we dream of taking gymnastics from a subculture to the mainstream, from the shadows to the spotlight, from a niche to a phenomenon. Our vision is to unite people through the thrill of competitive entertainment.

Remember, in the grand tale of FACEOFF, there are no small dreams—only bold ambitions.


The video from Løvens Hule

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