Join FACEOFF Round One as a team

Calling all gymnasts from across the country!🇩🇰

On June 22, 2024, it’s time to gather your team and experience the wildest weekend with FACEOFF and all that it entails, plus a little extra, of course! 🚀

We are just rolling out a mega cool deal, tailor-made for teams who want the coolest “season finale,” team trip, or just a weekend where FACEOFF brings the heat! 🔥

The deal is simple: You figure out how many from your team would like to join for the weekend, and you sign up that number. Then you’ll receive an invoice, which you pay, and then you’ll receive the tickets. The deal includes:

🔥 Access to the FACEOFF competition Regular price: 375 DKK / Your price: 200 DKK

🔥 Entrance to the Afterparty Regular price: 170 DKK / Your price: 150 DKK

🔥 Tent space at FACEOFF-CAMP Regular price: 120 DKK / Your price: 100 DKK

Total regular price: 665 DKK

Your total price per person: 450 DKK 💰

We believe it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience together with your team, and we hope it’s something people will want to be a part of!

We can guarantee, at least, that an exhilarating and fantastic weekend awaits. If you want to read more or sign up your team, just hop in and get it done right below on the link. Website:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write to

Best regards! Team FACEOFF🔥

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