Learn more about this year’s judges and what they are looking for. 

For the first time in history FACEOFF will be held in Sweden, and it seems like another epic battle is ahead of us. To decide who is going to be the FACEOFF Champion in the Individuals and the Crew competition we are proud to present this year’s judges, and what they are looking for.

Let’s us hear the names

FACEOFF trophy
The FACEOFF trophy from FACEOFF X DENMARK 2019 – photo by Jacob Almtoft

Let’s gets wiser – what are they looking for?

We asked them, and this is what they answered.

What are the 3 most important things you are looking for in this years FACEOFF 2022? 

Niclas Butén:  More power! Using the music and the effects from it more during “the playground”. Unique combinations.

Charles Fritzén: High quality gymnastics. Showmanship. A great atmosphere

Christian Vippen Vilppola: Quality of control of excellence in high difficulty skills, ability to raise to the occasion and entertainmentship!

Mikey Barnes: Fearlessness, Flair, & Fun.

Simon Nyberg: For Faceoff 2022 I wanna see Flips made with ease, Great Style and fun/different variations. 

How does the athlete achieve the lowest score from you? 

Niclas Butén: Pushing the difficulty to the point were it looks uncontrolled and dangerous. Not landing with feet first. To much loss of momentum in combinations

Charles Fritzén: Not attempting a skill or getting visibly upset (showing outwardly through actions)  if they fail on a skill. 

Christian Vippen Vilppola: Uncontrolled crashing, jeapardy runs – tuck and pray

Mikey Barnes: Either Trying something that they clearly cannot do, or doing something that everyone can do. 

Simon Nyberg: Gymnasts receive low scores for bad landings and for doing flips that are unsafe.

What are you as a judge hoping to see in FACEOFF 2022? 

Niclas Butén: Controlled madness! – Extreme difficulty that looks simple. The athletes interacts with the crowd 

Charles Fritzén: Hoping to see some great gymnastics and having a great time

Christian Vippen Vilppola: Excellence, adrenaline and a good ol’ kick ass show ! 

Mikey Barnes: Something that I have never seen before. I’ve been involved in gymnastics for almost 30 years, so that would be super impressive! 

Simon Nyberg: I hope the gymnasts will try flips that are unoriginal and a little old-school.

What do you think about this year’s disciplines? 

Niclas Butén: The different types of disciplines will force the athletes to think outside the box and really challenge their comfort zone! 

Charles Fritzén: Think they are good and will be fun to watch/judge

Christian Vippen Vilppola: Multiverse events that will challenge the athletes to master their skills to the MAXXXX ! 

Mikey Barnes: That I hope the athletes have a blast because I certainly don’t want to do them! 

Simon Nyberg: The disciplines this year look exciting with a good mix of new ones and old ones.

If you should give the athletes one advice, what would you tell them?

Niclas Butén: Go hard or go home!

Charles Fritzén:  To enjoy the whole experience, have fun. Go for the harder skills (that can be performed safely) and hope for the best. 

Christian Vippen Vilppola: K33P it safe, go insane and live life to the MAXXX ! 

Mikey Barnes: Full send + add a little style = Mikey happy

Simon Nyberg: Have fun and enjoy the show!

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