Meet the Judges // FACEOFF Main Event 2023

A Panel of Gymnastics Experts at FACEOFF 2023

In the electrifying world of FACEOFF, where flips, twists, and epic flips take center stage, it’s essential to have a distinguished panel of judges to assess the awe-inspiring performances. Let’s take a closer look at the individuals entrusted with this crucial role for FACEOFF 2023.

Mikey Barnes – UK World & European medalist tumbler and GBR National Team Coach, Mikey Barnes brings a wealth of experience to the judging table. His favorite FACEOFF moment? The split triff Rudi out on the trampette from the Portuguese gymnast Rodrigo Serra Correia in Sweden 2022. Mikey prioritizes style, individuality, and flair in his judging, aiming to be wowed by the unexpected and the extraordinary.

Johanne Nørby – Denmark Johanne Nørby, a seasoned gymnast with a long and great history in the National Danish Tumbling Team, has not only represented Denmark at multiple Worlds and European championships but is also a six-time National Champion. Adding a personal touch to her judging, Johanne is the FACEOFF One-on-One winner of 2022. Now balancing family life, Johanne looks for air awareness, creative combinations, and blind landings when evaluating performances.

Daniel Nitz – Sweden With a penchant for creative flips and a gold medal from the 2008 European Championships in Teamgym, Daniel Nitz is an active participant in the gymnastics world. Beyond being a competitor, he plays a crucial role as a judge, overseeing competitions like FlipGames in Sweden. As a FACEOFF judge, Daniel prioritizes safety, creativity, and the ability to captivate the audience.

Emilie Mogensen – Denmark Emilie Mogensen, a TeamGym enthusiast, has been a prominent figure in Danish gymnastics. Competing since childhood, she made history as the first Danish woman to perform various complex manoeuvres, such as the first-ever woman to compete with a pike handspring double pike out in 2022, but also the first Danish woman to compete in triple out in 2022.

As a judge, Emilie values creativity, difficulty, and safety, encouraging athletes to showcase something new, challenging, and visually appealing.

Simon Øbro – Denmark From coaching at Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup to being a former Danish national team coach in TeamGym, Simon Øbro has been a part of the gymnastics world for years. As a FACEOFF judge since its inception, Simon looks for innovation, good decision-making, and glimpses into the future of gymnastics. Simon encourages athletes to enjoy the experience, emphasizing that FACEOFF is not just a competition but a celebration of the sport’s growth and community spirit.


As we gear up for FACEOFF Main Event 2023, it’s not just about flips, scores, and medals; it’s about celebrating the spirit of gymnastics. Our esteemed panel of judges, each bringing a unique perspective shaped by their own gymnastics journeys, is ready to witness the incredible feats that will unfold in Forum Horsens this saturday.

In the realm of great flips, breathtaking twists, and gravity-defying tricks, one thing remains constant – the emphasis on fun and enjoyment. These judges, not only experts in their fields but enthusiasts at heart, encourage athletes to savor every moment, showcasing their skills with passion and creativity.

Because FACEOFF is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of gymnastics, a testament to the joy that comes from pushing boundaries and achieving the extraordinary.

So, whether you’re a seasoned gymnast, a devoted fan, or a first-time spectator, let’s come together and embrace the magic of FACEOFF – where gymnastics meets showmanship, and every flip tells a story. Get ready for a spectacle that goes beyond scores and medals, inviting everyone to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Mikey Barnes

Johanne Nørby

Daniel Nitz

Emilie Mogensen

Simon Øbro

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