Meet the voices that bring FACEOFF to life!

As FACEOFF Main Event 2023 approaches, we sat down with the dynamic trio who will guide us through the spectacle:
Lasse Bjerrum, Charlie Burrows, and Helge Vammen.
Here’s a glimpse into their perspectives and anticipations for the upcoming event.

Charlie Burrows: Host Livestream

Charlie Burrows, eager to return to FACEOFF this year, reminisces about the unforgettable 2019 moment when Rasmus Beck claimed victory. For him, FACEOFF stands out as a perfect blend of exceptional acrobatics and showmanship, providing a unique audience experience. This year, Charlie looks forward to witnessing more international athletes, expecting FACEOFF’s global growth to shine. His eyes are on Mikhail Malkin, intrigued to see how the tumbling World Champion adapts to FACEOFF’s distinctive apparatus.

Lasse Bjerrum: Host FACEOFF Main Event

Self-proclaimed as FACEOFF’s biggest fan, Lasse Bjerrum embodies the adrenaline-fueled spirit of the competition. To him, FACEOFF is not just an event; it’s an exhilarating state of mind where history is made in real-time. The anticipation for FACEOFF 2023 is palpable, especially with a stacked lineup in the individual competition, promising a nerve-wracking showdown. With the addition of formidable contenders like Ethan, Tofiq, and Mikhail, Lasse is ready for a thrilling display of skill and competition.

Helge Vammen: Expert, Livestream

Helge Vammen, recalling unforgettable FACEOFF memories, emphasizes that it is impossible to pick a specific moment among all the great moments in FACEOFF history. As an expert on Livestream, Helge appreciates FACEOFF’s straightforward competition format, making gymnastics more spectacular and accessible. Looking ahead, he anticipates witnessing unparalleled levels of complexity and inventive tumbling combinations. Helge has his eyes on Rasmus Beck for his reliability in difficulty and originality, along with trickster Ethan McGuinness and standout female competitors like Asta Kristinsdottir and Amelia Campion.

As the excitement builds, FACEOFF 2023 promises to be an odyssey of creativity, athleticism, and unforgettable moments. Stay tuned as these voices guide us through the exhilarating experience that is FACEOFF Main Event.

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