Men’s Individual Lineup

The norms of gymnastics are about to be redefined –

FACEOFF Main Event // Men’s Individual – the most epic lineup EVER!

The excitement surrounding the upcoming FACEOFF Main Event in Men’s Individual is reaching its peak, with a lineup that promises not only fierce competition but also the most powerful lineup in FACEOFF history. As we delve into the additional information about the athletes, please let your mind wander, and imagine these world-class gymnasts ignite the stage at the iconic Forum Horsens, and watch the extraordinary – Live to you via

1. Tofig Aliyev (AZ): Unleashing the Quad Back – A Tumbling Marvel

Tofig Aliyev, the Azerbaijani powerhouse, created a sensation with his quad back on the airtrack during the FACEOFF Sweden qualifiers. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Aliyev will attempt this sensational move again at the Main Event. The quad back, involving four backward rotations in the air before landing, is a rare and jaw-dropping element in gymnastics that showcases Aliyev’s unparalleled skill and fearlessness.

2. Mikhail Malkin (AZ): the WORLD CHAMPION!

Mikhail Malkin, the World Champion in Powertumbling, has been making waves with his innovative approach to tumbling. Malkin has teased the audience with discussions about a full-in quad in the pike position at the Double Trouble… He is an absolute monster who make a miller transition look like it is a kids’ game!

3. Rasmus Beck (DK): Triple to Triple?

Rasmus Beck, the four-time FACEOFF Individual winner, has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of tumbling. The question that echoes through the gymnastics community is whether Beck will once again showcase his triple to triple move at the Main Event. Or perhaps the famous triple layout with a full twist in the middle?

4. Connor Wharram (UK): Mr. Quad Out

The reigning FACEOFF Sweden champion, Connor Wharram, is known for his precision and innovation in the mini-tramp. Wharram has hinted at a quad out and fullfullrudy straight in the mini tramp, a combination that requires impeccable timing and control. Watch him fly through the air – a true master at work!

5. Ethan McGuinness (AU): Miller Transition and Triple Straight!

Ethan McGuinness, the three-time contender and World Champion in 2022, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the Main Event. McGuinness has intrigued fans with the possibility of adding twists to his signature Miller transition and triple straight. The Australian tumbling machine is on fire and ready to burn down the main event!

6. William Cowen (UK) – Silver Medalist World Championship in Powertumbling

Representing the United Kingdom, William Cowen arrives with a silver medal from the World Championship in Powertumbling. His ability to seamlessly blend strength and artistry sets him apart. Cowen is determined to make his mark on the FACEOFF Main Event and add another accolade to his growing list of achievements.

7. Hippolyte Hergué (F) – French Tumbler, New Talent

Introducing the first fresh face to the FACEOFF format ever, Hippolyte Hergué represents France as a promising new talent in the world of tumbling. Hergué’s inclusion in the lineup adds an element of excitement, as spectators eagerly anticipate witnessing the skills of this rising French star.

8. Jeppe Krogh (NO) – Winner FACEOFF Individual 2021

Jeppe Krogh from Norway enters the competition as the reigning champion, having secured victory in the FACEOFF Individual event in 2021. Krogh’s agility, strength, and artistic flair make him a formidable competitor. He is a true master of the format and knows how to surprise the judges and make the audience cheer for more! All eyes will be on him as he defends his title and strives for another outstanding performance.

As the countdown to the FACEOFF Main Event accelerates, the anticipation for this unprecedented display of gymnastic prowess is reaching a fever pitch.

From Aliyev’s gravity-defying quad back to Malkin’s world-champion calibre moves, Beck’s boundary-pushing manoeuvres, Wharram’s precision on the mini-tramp, and McGuinness’s innovative twists, each athlete brings a unique flavour to the stage.

Join us at the iconic Forum Horsens as these world-class gymnasts ignite the arena, redefining the norms of gymnastics before your very eyes. This is not just a competition; it’s a journey into the extraordinary.

Don’t miss the most epic lineup ever at the FACEOFF Main Event. Witness the extraordinary live via and be part of the revolution in gymnastics!


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