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New Individuals Competition in the making

Yesyesyes, we are once again overly excited to invite you in house, when our individual athletes are going to set fire to the arena. This year is different in many ways, and as it always is we keep developing and transforming our format into something greater and better. 

Well let’s see what’s on the menu… This year, 2022, we will compete in 3 countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It feels crazy and great. The Individual competition will consist of 16 kickass athletes from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the rest of the world. More precisely 8 men and 8 women, will compete and take us through a firework of creative and so far unseen combinations of jumps.

This year is the first time that we’ve explicitly designed a competition for women and men. However the discipline will most likely be similar. We have done that due to lots of conversation with women in the community. We’ve heard a wish to encourage and reinforce room for more play and creativity in the gym. The aim with having this competition is to hopefully inspire more young girls and boys to keep playing and exploring gymnastics and its possibilities and of course set fire to women’s gymnastic progression.

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