Elevating Gymnastics to New Heights

In an great fusion of talent and innovation, we are proud to announce our dynamic collaboration with none other than the sensational Nile Wilson!

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Together, we are on a mission to push the boundaries of gymnastics and bring the excitement of FACEOFF to new heights.

Our partnership with Nile Wilson has already produced great results. From the legendary setting of Gymnastikhøjskolen in Ollerup, we joined forces to create great content that showcases the essence of our shared passion for gymnastics.




But our collaboration doesn’t stop there. We are excited to announce that we are working hand in hand with Nile Wilson and his crew to bring the excitement of FACEOFF competition to the UK in 2025. Together, we are committed to providing athletes and fans with an unforgettable experience that celebrates the spirit of gymnastics and pushes the sport to new heights of excellence.

With Nile by our side, we are confident that the future of gymnastics is brighter than ever. Together, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and elevate the sport to new heights. Stay tuned for more thrilling collaborations and exciting announcements as we embark on this journey together.

Join us as we redefine the world of gymnastics and inspire the next generation of athletes to dream big, work hard, and soar to new heights of greatness.

Let’s make history together.

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