Strategies for Success: Insights from FACEOFF Coaches

The FACEOFF Main Event stands as a pinnacle in gymnastics competition, where teams battle for glory, showcasing their skills on the most epic stage in gymnastics history.

In thisarticle, we gain valuable insights from two seasoned coaches, Kasper Veje Jacobsen of Team Fyn and Jakob Stahl of Team Young Guns, whom each bringing a unique perspective and strategy to the table.

Kasper Veje Jacobsen – Team Fyn: Meticulous Planning and Adaptive Leadership

Kasper Veje Jacobsen, the coach of the three-time FACEOFF champion, Team Fyn, sheds light on the meticulous planning and preparation that starts long time before the competition.

His central focus is on elevating the performance of both coaches and gymnasts, framing a sense of structure to ensure everyone is well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

“Our planning phase starts early, during the summer break, and intensifies in the weeks leading up to FACEOFF. We aim to create a solid team, select reserves, and develop alternative plans to address any unforeseen circumstances,” explains Jacobsen. The goal is clear – well-prepared gymnasts have a better chance of success!

In the weeks leading up to the event, Jacobsen and his team engage in detailed planning for each discipline, providing gymnasts with a clear overview of the specific jumps required. The final Battle discipline may appear chaotic, but Jacobsen reveals the extensive planning invested in each run on the 12×12 floor. In the middle og the chaos, there are numerous fixed agreements to manage.

“Despite our detailed plans, we acknowledge that not everything goes according to plan. In those moments, my role is to maintain composure and assist gymnasts in making the best decisions under pressure,” Jacobsen remarks. Throughout the FACEOFF weekend, he stays attuned to the gymnasts’ needs, recognizing the diversity in their requirements.

Jakob Stahl – Team Young Guns: Striking the Balance Between Tradition and Innovation

On the other side of the spectrum, Jakob Stahl, coach of Team Young Guns, shares a different perspective. His team, comprised of young athletes under 20, brings a fresh dynamic to the competition, characterized by an exceptional level of skill.

“Team Young Guns is one of the most competitive gymnastics teams in Denmark. Our strategy is to strike a perfect balance between conventional high-level gymnastics and unorthodox, creative jumps,” Stahl explains. The internal competition within the team is intense, with a focus on selecting individuals who can contribute both traditionally and with innovative flair.

Stahl emphasizes the importance of actively involving gymnasts in the creative processes leading up to the competition. “Our primary responsibilities as coaches include organizing and systematizing the young athletes, helping them make the right decisions, and bringing out the best and most creative aspects of their performance.”

As these two coaches bring forth their distinct strategies, it becomes evident that success in FACEOFF demands a delicate combination of meticulous planning, adaptability, and a deep understanding of each gymnast’s unique strengths and needs. As the teams prepare to face off in the arena, the strategies employed by Jacobsen and Stahl offer a glimpse into the dynamic world of competitive gymnastics.

We can’t wait!

Kasper Veje Jacobsen

Jakob Stahl

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