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FACEOFF x Individuals is an elimination race containing 3-5 disciplines. The competition admits 8 athletes who compete against each other for the title of FACEOFF x Individuals Champion.

Womens competitions: 3 disciplines (Tumbling xXx, The High Roller and Double Trouble)

Mens competition: 5 disciplines: (Tumbling xXx, The High Roller, Double Trouble, Plateau and The Battle)

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Who are the judges?

Five judges will make the all-important decisions to choose who wins the battles and who will ultimately take home the title. One of these is also the discipline judge. The discipline judge has the responsibility of making sure that criteria are met, and scores are correct. Each of the 5 scoring judges’ votes weigh equally in the evaluation

General judging

The competition is based on freedom and creativity, which is why the judges are free to judge a trick as they see fit. A score is to be given, based on the athletes execution of a trick, ie. Elements of style, difficulty and landing. Creativity, ingenuity, showmanship, audience appeal and safety will also be components of the scoring. A judge’s score is subjective to the individual judge, but must not be given from a personal or club-affiliated standpoint. They will judge only the gymnast’s performance.

An athlete must be in control when landing in the landing area. Falling, without initial foot support will result in a significantly lower score. In the case of an unsafe or reckless trick, the trick will be discarded and rewarded 0 points.

In general a trick/round will be judged with a score ranging from 0 and 10, 10 being the highest. The score for the individual trick/round will be calculated as the average of the 5 scores, given by the judges, and will only function as the basis of awarding discipline points. In case of identical scores between two athletes, discipline points will be awarded, equivalent to the shared placement. Ex. 8,8,6,5 etc.

Competition structure

The competition is constructed as an elimination race. This means that the athlete with the lowest total ranking of discipline points will be eliminated after the disciplines shown below:

In the disciplines 1-3 the female athletes will compete first and then the male athletes. 

●      After the 1st. discipline, all of the field will continue to the 2nd discipline. 

●      After the 2nd discipline, the field for both male and female will be reduced to 6 athletes.

●      After the 3rd discipline, all 6 male athletes will proceed. (The third discipline is the women’s final after which we will have the winner of the female competition.)p

●      After the 4th discipline, the field will be reduced to 4 athletes.

●      In the final discipline, the winner of the FACEOFF x Mens Individuals is found

A big screen will show the order of the participants on stage during the competition. In the case of an equal amount of discipline points, the athlete will be ranked by the following principle:

1.     Most discipline victories

2.     Most victories, compared to other gymnast(s)

3.   The highest score in tumbling xXx

4. Sudden death in the latest discipline. 

Spotting – There will be 2 fixed spotters at the competition.


The main landing area will be a custom made foam pit.

Athlete warmup

Before the beginning of the competition, the athlete will have the opportunity to warm up on the stage, and to do touches on the 20m airtrack and in the mini trampet.

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